Alyssa Wilson, trainer

Alyssa Wilson

Alyssa has been an instructor at 2 Steps Ahead Performance Training since 2010. She holds certifications through TRX, ONIT and Spinning and is CPR certified. As a Spinning instructor, Alyssa enjoys the creative process of forming a class with music. She loves designing a sweat drenched workout for members and thrives off the feeling she gets while they experience the grind of a good SPIN class, even if they think she is nuts! As a Functional Intense Training instructor, Alyssa enjoys finding new ways for members to get a killer workout and making it fun at the same time. She believes it is very important to keep workouts constantly changing by incorporating fun games and introducing new exercises with and without equipment.

To this day, Alyssa is still inspired and motivated by the physical and mental transformations of every member who decides to adopt the 2SA motto of, “I CAN and I WILL”.  Watching a new member transform from struggling in their first class to seeing that same member complete their 2nd Spartan trifecta is equally encouraging and humbling as to her as an instructor.  Alyssa believes that our bodies are capable of so much if we stick with the 2SA program, stay positive throughout the journey and believe that it can change your body, mind and life.

Away from the gym, Alyssa loves using her fitness by simply moving as much as she can, whenever she can! She loves hiking up mountains with her husband, running in the early mornings, walking with her parents to improve their fitness, playing with her pup at the beach, skiing in the winters and using her stamina to bake the annual 2SA Thanksgiving Day Apple Pies!