Ben Wilson

Ben has been trainer at 2 Steps Ahead for 7 years. He loves watching members become more than they thought they ever could and greatly improve their physical abilities. As Ben states, “it’s amazing to see the transformation of people’s health as well as their attitudes after a short time at 2SA. I really love the positive energy our team environment creates. It’s always great to see members cheering each other on and leading by example with their own hard work.”

Ben has a passion for football and played 11 years throughout his life. He considers himself lucky to have parents who pushed him into almost every sport available in his youth from martial arts to competitive swimming. As a result, Ben loves all sports that challenge him physically and mentally.

As a Spinning, TRX, ONIT and CPR certified trainer, Ben believes 2SA sets up members for success and prepares them for any sport they choose. The training at 2SA has also helped Ben compete in half marathons, triathlons, Spartan races and Tough Mudder events. Outside of 2SA, Ben enjoys being outside golfing, skiing, hiking and hunting but, most of all, he loves eating al the delicious treats his wife bakes up! Work hard play hard!