Chris Bunch, 2SA trainer

Chris Bunch

Chris has been a certified instructor at 2 Steps Ahead Performance Training since 2013. As a Spinning and Group Fitness trainer, Chris enjoys creating classes that pushes members to new limits, all while motivating and inspiring them with his witty sense of humor. He grades his classes on the number of high-fives he receives. The more challenging the class, the more high-fives!

Chris has been active in baseball since he was a child and has been coaching for the past 15+ years. Even after his son graduated from Salinas High School, you can still find Chris on the coaching staff and giving back to the team he played for back in the day!

When Chris is away from the gym, he can be found competing in the Spartan Race circuits up and down the west coast. He has countless trifectas to his name and just keeps collecting medals. Chris enjoys spending his time with his family, hiking throughout Monterey County and long road trips.