At 2 Steps Ahead Performance Training, your health and well-being is our top priority.  In order to help keep our members and staff healthy, we have outlined new processes to ensure a clean and safe environment for all.  Please read and follow the new processes before your next at class at 2SA.

  1. We are required to limit our class sizes to maintain our social distancerequirements.  We have limited our FIT classes to no more than 25 members.  Our SPIN classes are limited to no more than 11 members.
  2. To be sure we do not exceed our maximum, you are now required to use the Pike13 Client app on your personal deviceto serve as your membership pass. We are required to use a “Touchless” check-in system.  Due to the class capacity limits, you must reserve a spot in advance of the class via the Pike 13 Client app.
  3. We are required to post signs that you will need to read BEFORE you enter the gym.  These signs will include a self assessment. It will ask four simple questions you will need to answer.
    • Are you feeling sick? STAY HOME if you are feeling sick.
    • Do you have a fever? Please DO NOT enter the gym.
    • Do you have a cough? Please DO NOT enter the gym.
    • Do you have shortness of breath? If you do have shortness of breath BEFORE you enter, please DO NOT come into the gym.

    If you passed the self assessment come on in!

  4. Please wash your hands before you touch anything else in the gym.  We will have hand sanitizer available and you are welcome to use the sink and soap in the restrooms. Washing your hands regularly has proven to slow the spread of COVID-19.  You are welcome and encouraged to wash your hands before you leave the gym as well.
  5. Please only use the cubbies to store your belongings.  We ask that you do NOT bring your clothes, purses, etc onto the gym floor.
  6. We will remove all of the commonly used items you have become used to, including the mouthwash, lotion and coffee.  These items could increase the spread of any virus.  If you feel you need to have these items we ask that you bring them and keep them with your personal belongings in your cubbie.
  7. We will no longer sell bottled water.  We ask that you bring your own water bottles and use the “touchless” water systemwe have installed at the gym.  If you’d like to buy a 2 Steps Ahead water bottle, we have a few for sale.  Please ask your trainer to buy one.
  8. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive to COVID-19, we would appreciate being notified.  We will confidentially begin our processes to address the potential exposure to the facility and most of all, our membership.
  9. We are required to limit our capacity to maintain a “Social Distance” within the gym.  We have added “X’s” on the gym floor to indicate an area for you to workout that meets the social distancing requirement.  Many of our classes may be formatted to work in a set location, on your “X”. We ask that you follow the trainers direction and maintain your social distance from other members while working out.
  10. We require limiting the amount of equipment each member touches during their time at 2SA to limit exposure.  Our trainers are formatting their class structure to ensure you’re using equipment at your station (on your “X”) and not sharing equipment.  Trainers may also build in breaks where the equipment is cleaned before the next person uses or touches that piece of equipment.  Many classes are already structured this way and you may not notice a difference.  If you do notice a difference we want you to know the reason why.  It’s for your health & safety.
  11. Wash your hands regularly on breaks or in between rounds or runs.  Hand sanitizer will be available for you to use regularly. Washing your hands regularly has proven to slow the spread of COVID-19.  You are welcome and encouraged to wash your hands during the workout.  Don’t forget to wash them after you enter the gym and before you leave the gym to go home.
  12. We will no longer have towels available for use.  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING TOWELS FROM HOME. We encourage you to use your towels to wipe the sweat from your body to try to limit exposure on the equipment.  Equipment will be cleaned after each class with disinfectant wipes, biocide or disinfectant spray.
  13. Some of our favorite workouts include group or partner work.  Unfortunately, we will have to limit or adjust to maintain social distance.
    • “Right turn, right turn, right turn!“- Running is a primary exercise at 2SA.  “Athlete’s Run”, right?  We will still run but we will do so outside and we will ask that a social distance is provided.  Running in groups should be avoided…but running in general won’t be discouraged, just modified.
    • Grab a partner!” – We love working out together and some of our favorite workouts involve partner workouts.  To maintain our social distance and limit the sharing of equipment, the formatting of our classes will limit partner work.  Partner work where social distance is maintained and where partners are not touching each other of the same piece of equipment is possible.  If you are uncomfortable with this please let the trainer know and a modification may be called for.
    • “Come back with your mitts and gloves…and a partner!” – Man I’m gonna miss this one  …boxing, punching, kicking!  Maintaining social distance and limiting the sharing of equipment will make it really hard to train this way.  It’s not impossible.  Shadow boxing, Free Standing Bag work with a cleaning cycle in between is possible.  Please know we are working to limit your exposure but will still work just as hard to provide you the FUN and CHALLENGING training you are used to…including punching.
    • “It’s getting HOT in here!”  We are required to maintain air flow through the gym.  We will open both doors and turn on the fans to encourage air flow through the gym.
  14. All equipment will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes, biocide or spray disinfectant after it’s used and before it is put away and ready for the next class.  As mentioned above, this technique may be used to disinfect equipment between rounds before the next group uses the same equipment.  We are trying out best to limit your exposure and still provide you the great workouts you are used to at 2SA


Please be aware that we are aware of the need to maintain a social distance and limit exposure.  We are also aware that your expectation when coming to 2SA is to get a GREAT workout.  We are working hard to put both of these together in this new and trying time.

We appreciate your patience.  If you feel the need to sanitize your hands between exercises, please do.  If you’d like a modification to an exercise, please ask. We are dedicated to making these new processes work.  Reach out with questions so we can provide you answers or make adjustments as necessary.

We are excited to re-open, to see all of your faces and to train with you again. Your health continues to be our number one priority. Please know we will adhere to all requirements to ensure a clean and safe place for our members while providing the same (maybe a little different) great workouts you have become used to at 2SA . Help us re-open AND keep our membership safe!

In Health,
Your 2 Steps Ahead Team