2 Steps Ahead Performance Training offers team training sessions for high schools in Monterey County. Every sport is different, so we modify training programs depending on the needs and goals of the team. At 2SA, we specialize in building speed, improving agility, strength, mobility and overall conditioning. Improving these skills of your student athletes can help improve team performance on the field, the court, the track and even in the water.

Not only will their skills improve, your student athlete’s stamina will see a significant difference as well. Your athletes will be able to last longer and their technical skills will not be lost due to fatigue. Their skills and conditioning will put them 2 Steps Ahead of the competition and no doubt lead to more wins!

Most importantly, your student athlete’s confidence will improve as they will be stronger and faster than before. This will add confidence and mental toughness in each athlete as they approach their next season prepared and ready to dominate.