Kali Fontanilla, 2SA trainer

Kali Fontanilla

Kali has been a certified spin instructor at 2 Steps Ahead for 2 years. Kali fell in love with Spin when she took a class in Italy while studying abroad 15 years ago. Even though the instructor was yelling at her in Italian and she didn’t understand a word he said, by the end of the class, she was drenched in sweat and had burned a massive amount of calories. After that she was hooked and she knew that someday she would be teaching spin too.

Kali has dedicated her life to teaching whether it be in her middle school classroom or at 2 Steps Ahead. She strives to inspire others to meet their potential and do their best. She has personally lost 65 pounds since High School and has kept it off with regular runs, teaching spin, and taking group fitness classes at 2 Steps Ahead. She knows it takes hard work to meet your fitness goals, but the reward is great! When not teaching, she enjoys spending time in nature, making music, baking healthy desserts, and eating them!