Kurt Jensen

Kurt became a Spinning Certified trainer in June of 2011 because he wanted to learn more about indoor cycling and expose himself to methods taught by the top instructors in the indoor cycling arena. He believed that if he could learn as much as possible about the sport, he could maximize his own workouts and the health benefits from his time in the gym.

Kurt began training at 2 Steps Ahead because he saw training others as an opportunity to help members set and reach their fitness goals. He thoroughly enjoys helping others and he feels there is nothing more satisfying than watching a first-time member walk into the gym and over time, watch as they transform their mind, body and life!

As a child, Kurt was very active and played football, baseball (his all-time favorite), rode bikes, skateboarded and spent as much time as he could in water sports. Today, Kurt uses his fitness to stay young and healthy to keep up with his son, Shane. When Kurt is not training at 2SA, you can find him in the motorsports circuit, wakeboarding on the lake, mountain biking with friends or completing his Spartan race trifecta!