Megan Enochs

Megan has been a spin instructor since she first moved to the Peninsula in 2008. Prior to 2008, she was a student in spin classes in Chico, CA and also rode outdoors. Her first teaching gig was at Chamisal Tennis & Fitness club and then a friend dragged her into 2SA to try F.I.T. One thing led to another and eventually she began teaching spin at 2SA as well. Megan’s favorite part about teaching is helping people enjoy exercise and motivating them to push themselves in each class. She swears if you can get past the first few spin classes, you’ll be hooked!

Growing up, Megan ran track, played volleyball, soccer, and also danced. Today, with two small children, Megan regrettably spends less time in the gym and more time chasing her kids outside and prides herself on still being strong enough to pick them both up at the same time. She loves to run, spend time at the beach, and looks forward to running a Spartan race…someday.