Reno DiTullio

Reno has been a group fitness instructor at 2 Steps Ahead for 5 years. He strives for a healthy lifestyle and healthy living and works hard with our membership to help them achieve the same. Reno is a professional firefighter by trade with nearly 30 years on the job. His fitness background stems from his profession as a firefighter. Firefighters must be in great physical condition to be able to save lives and to stay alive. His training and background as a firefighter transfers well to our 2 Steps Ahead group classes. He is a CAL FIRE Peer Fitness Coordinator with certifications from TRX, Onnit and 911 Tactical Fitness among others.

Reno enjoys all types of activities specifically hiking, trail running, Stand Up Paddle boarding and many water sports. He is also a SPARTAN RACE enthusiast with ten Spartan races under his belt to date. He enjoys spending time doing these activities with his wife, son and daughter.

Being a fitness instructor at 2 Steps Ahead allows him the opportunity to blend the training he has received in his professional life with the activities he enjoys in his family life and sharing that with our membership helping them achieve what they may believe is not possible.