“2 Steps Ahead has been a lifestyle change for me. Not just physically but mentally. The staff won’t sell you on some special wrap, cream or diet pills. Just hard work that will get you the results if you show up everyday and put in the work. 2SA will meet you halfway and help produce results. I have been a bigger guy who has struggled managing my weight my entire life. They have taught me how to manage my weight through workout and diet. It won’t be an overnight fix, however, if you buy into the program you’ll see the transformation. If you’re looking to change your life, the staff at 2SA have created the environment that allows it. The choice is yours. Walk in the door and become the person you want to be.”

Colby Varley

“Before joining 2 Steps Ahead I was on medication for hypertension and high cholesterol. I tried working out on my own in the past, but wasn’t motivated enough to keep it up. I found 2 Steps Ahead through Yelp and I decided to come in to try the free first class with my 16 year old son. The first class was tough and we both struggled to keep up. We thought we’d never come back after the first class, but we did and after a few classes it started to feel more manageable. Trainers and members are so supportive and encouraging. The workouts are always challenging, but trainers provide modifications and they make it fun. Going to class feels like hanging out with my friends and working out. I love the feeling I have after each class. I remind myself of this feeling on the days that I want to skip working out. My family thinks I’m in a better mood after I come back from the gym, so they never want me to miss a workout.

Thank you 2 Steps Ahead for giving me a place for me to work on myself!!!”

Mealea Khieu

Erik Heacox, Triathlete testimonial

“In a few short months I’ve gone from leading an out of shape and unhealthy lifestyle to being in the best shape of my life. Through varying cardiovascular and strength training workouts, 2 Steps Ahead has brought forth my true athlete within. It’s an exceptional training facility where you’re not just another membership walking through the door, but rather a part of a close knit team.”

Erik Heacox – Triathlete

Tyrone Ward, Cal Poly, Salinas Spartans

“I’ve worked out in all different types of programs from Olympic lifting to training for a marathon, I’ve even tried the new craze P90X and the work outs at 2 Steps Ahead trump all of those; the results are amazing!”

Tyrone Ward – Cal Poly, Salinas Spartans

Frankie Berlanga - Mesa State College

My relationship with 2 Steps Ahead started my freshman year in college. They introduced me to a new workout regiment & it not only improved my physical conditioning but helped me develop confidence within myself. 2 Steps Ahead not only advances physical traits but strengthens the mind to think of greatness.

Frankie Berlanga – Mesa State College

Andre- Esteban - Cerritos College, Salinas Spartans

Consistent training at 2 Steps Ahead has improved my strength, Flexibility, and Endurance. I have never felt this good about working out.

Andre’ Esteban – Cerritos College, Salinas Spartans

Joey Stefani - Salinas Spartans

Training at 2 Steps Ahead has increased my mental and physical performance on the football field. I have been able to maintain an injury free season as well as increased energy level to perform at my best in the 4th quarter of a game. 2 Steps Ahead creates great training habits for young athletes. I wish I could have been training like this when I was in high school.

Joey Stefani – Salinas Spartans

Blake Wilkinson - Triathlete

I’ve competed in several triathlons over the past few years, training endlessly in the pool, on the bike and with exhausting runs. Recently I completed the Wildflower triathlon after two years away from the sport, and with almost no tri-specific training it was my best triathlon yet! It’s all thanks to the 2 Steps Ahead program. Few workout programs will provide an athlete with greater gains in speed, strength, flexibility, or endurance.

Blake Wilkinson – Triathlete

Tyler Larick , Salinas High, Hartnell College, Illinois State University

With the 2 Steps Ahead program you not only get faster and stronger but mentally tougher. The program is well rounded and will make you a better athlete no matter what goals you are trying to accomplish. I have trained in many different programs and gyms and feel that at 2 Steps Ahead I can get the workout that I need and want faster and more efficiently. The workouts are extremely varied making sure that you work all the muscles in multiple movements leading to gains in flexibility, strength and speed. Another very important aspect of the training is fun, there is less burnout because everyone is there to get better and help each other, the workouts are always different and the gym is just a great atmosphere.

Tyler Larick – Salinas High, Hartnell College, Illinois State University, Parma Panthers European Football League